A Message from NHVBGA President

I just received the following note from Pooh Sprague, and it’s worth sharing. Please consider joining the NH Vegetable & Berry Growers’ Association, and adding your voice to this group!

Dear Grower,

I am writing on behalf  of the New Hampshire Vegetable and Fruit Growers  Association, hoping that you might  consider joining our  organization.  We are an organization currently about 100 members strong, at least 75% of the membership being boots on the ground  growers and the balance of the membership Extension Educators  and  tradespeople.  Our goal is one that is primarily informational , but our organization does  several things. We work with Cooperative  Extension in developing the twilight meetings about the state, trying to  highlight some of the diversity, size and techniques of New Hampshire vegetable and small fruit growers.  Our annual dues defray  the cost of our annual  meeting held in March, the facility rental and speaker honorariums. We contribute  monies from our treasury  to relevant  research projects being conducted by Extension Educators  at the University of New Hampshire, as well as occasionally  contributing scholarship monies to students aspiring  to careers in hort and agriculture.

The face of  agriculture in the Northeast has been dramatically altered in the last 25 years. In NH a vibrant  economy has grown around, smaller, highly diversified  crop paradigms,  direct marketing, developing sales niches and a diversity of conventional and organic techniques that are constantly evolving.  By joining our organization you can  help make an impact  and direct the types of information  and research made by our extension educators.  Most  importantly you can develop an individual network  of  farming acquaintances.  It goes without saying that on my farm I never had  a good original idea I didn’t  learn  from  somebody else;  and  I  have  found over the years that there is as commonality that all growers share,  be they certified organic or conventional. We share much more than what it is that makes us different.

So please consider joining this organization. More than your dues, we need your voice.


Pooh Sprague, Pres

New Hampshire Fruit and Vegetable Growers

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