Surge of Corn Earworm Moths, Sept 8-12 2014

A note from Alan Eaton, Extension Entomologist:

We have not found really high corn earworm moth catches this year, until now. The trap in Mason had extremely high numbers this week (September 8-12), and nearby traps in Hollis, Litchfield and Milford also had high numbers. This might (?) be related to the microburst that occurred over the weekend in Hollis. For that area, a 3 to 4 day spray schedule for fresh silking corn is in order now, but cool temperatures may reduce the need for intense spraying. Elsewhere, earworm numbers are more normal, and a 4-6 day schedule would suffice for fresh silking corn. Fall armyworm numbers are elevated at some sites (Jaffrey, Milford, Hollis) but most sites have relatively low numbers. FAW prefers the youngest plantings available. European corn borer numbers have dropped very low now.

Corn insect trap

Corn insect trap (Alan Eaton photo)

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