New publication: Managing Blossom-End Rot


Clusters of immature tomatoes with blossom-end rot

Blossom-end rot is probably the most common and one of the most frustrating disorders that tomato growers face; and it also occurs on summer squash, zucchini and pepper. It can also cause significant economic losses. I have just finished writing a brand-new 4-page publication called ‘Managing Blossom-End Rot‘ on what is currently known about what causes this disorder and how to manage it.

The publication discusses the role and value of several management tactics: irrigation, nutrient management, use of shade cloth, calcium fruit sprays, managing plant growth, managing transpiration, and variety selection. To read more, visit the publication by clicking above or here.

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One Response to New publication: Managing Blossom-End Rot

  1. Sherry Young says:

    Thank you for this! It’s well written and interesting. Sherry

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