Overwintering Onions: new research report available

'Desert Sunrise' overwintered onion

‘Desert Sunrise’ onion, overwintered


‘Electric’ onion, overwintered

For those that are considering growing fall-planted onions for overwintering, it’s time to think about planting soon!

We have just published the results of our 2014-2015 experiments.

In those experiments, we looked at several different varieties at several planting dates, to try to narrow down the best time of planting and to find new varieties (especially red ones) that will perform well in this system. We evaluated onions in high tunnels as well as in low tunnels to determine whether onions might mature much earlier in high tunnels.

'T448' onion, overwintered, on June 3, 2015

‘T448’ onion, overwintered, on June 3, 2015

You can read the full report (linked above), but here’s a brief synopsis: First of all, we did find a couple of promising red varieties. Also, we found that varieties varied greatly in terms of sensitivity to bolting. Planting early increased the chances of bolting in general, but for the most bolting-resistant varieties, planting early resulted in earlier maturity and bigger bulbs. To learn more, check out the full report!

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