New research report: winter spinach in unheated high tunnels


Kaitlyn and Talia, transplanting a late fall spinach plating

by Becky Sideman, UNH Extension Professor & Specialist, Vegetable & Berry Crops

Over the two winters of 2014-15 and 2015-16, we conducted studies focused on fall-planted spinach in unheated high tunnels. This work was done in Durham NH at the Agricultural Experiment Station’s Woodman Farm. We looked at several different planting dates and varieties, to determine effects of planting date and variety on total season-long yield. Graduate student Kaitlyn Orde has just finished preparing a new research report that describes what we’ve learned.


In general, September transplant dates resulted


one of our winter high tunnels

in much higher yields than later transplant dates, and these plantings started producing marketable yields by late fall. Transplanting from mid-Octo
ber through early November resulted in good spring yields, but these plantings did not produce before spring. A few varieties stood out as particularly low and particularly high yielding, but more important were qualitative differences in leaf shape, ease of harvest, etcetera . You can read the full report here!



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