Fall armyworm alert: sweet corn

by George Hamilton and Alan Eaton, UNH Cooperative Extension

Our vegetable insect trapping network (largely funded by a NHDAMF grant) has detected a significant Fall Armyworm (FAW) flight July 22nd to 25th. They strongly prefer young (whorl stage) corn for egg laying, so growers may wish to watch whorl stage corn for symptoms Aug 2nd to 12th. Typical FAW damage is lots of holes chewed in the foliage, and lots of messy frass. Insecticides are most effective when you use high gallonage, a wetting agent, and direct the spray down the whorl.  You can view the trapping data at http://extension.unh.edu/IPM-Trapping.

Soon the second generation of European corn borer (ECB) will begin.  In addition to corn, this generation of ECB can damage chrysanthemums and fruits of pepper.



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