Vegetable pests: leafhoppers and caterpillars

by Becky Sideman, Vegetable & Berry Specialist

We’re seeing potato leafhoppers throughout much of NH now (last week of June, 2017), and it’s time to scout your fields. Hopperburn is a problem not only on potato, but also on eggplants and several legume crops (beans, peanut, alfalfa), among many others. The article and photos that I posted in 2015 sums it up nicely: check it out here.

For those growing brassica crops, it’s time to scout for caterpillars. The imported cabbageworm moths have been flying, and I’ve seen their tiny eggs on cabbage, broccoli, and other cole crops. I’ve also seen the caterpillars of diamondback moth on these same crops, already starting to feed and create holes. If you’re not familiar with the three common caterpillars on brassica crops, this nice description by Ruth Hazzard is very helpful.


A well-camouflaged imported cabbageworm (center of photo). 


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