Melon grafting: Hands-on demo

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 11.45.18 AM

Recently grafted melon seedlings (Photo: Janel Martin).

Janel Martin recently received her M.S. Degree under the guidance of Dr. Brent Loy, a world renowned melon and pumpkin breeder, studying how grafted melons might benefit New England growers by reducing sudden wilt. You may have heard about her results: her grafted melon plants showed excellent resistance to sudden wilt, outstanding vigor, and increased yields of very high quality fruit. (She shared her results at last year’s Cucurbit School; you can view her presentation here).

We’re excited to have her here leading a hands-on demo, where she will pass on the tips and tricks she learned for creating healthy and vigorous grafted seedlings. The demo will take place Wednesday, March 7, in Boscawen, NH from 4:30-6pm.

Each participant will have the chance to work through the process along with Janel and finish a few melon seedlings of their own. You will learn how to create a healing chamber, the grafting process, pitfalls to avoid, and where to get supplies. The cost for the workshop is $10, to cover materials.

You can access the flier here; and you can register online here. For questions about registration, contact or 603-796-2151.


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