Upcoming Events

Below are some great opportunities and educational events relating to vegetable and fruit production, both from UNH Extension as well as from collaborating organizations and our neighboring states.

Aug 24. Asparagus lunch & learn. Lancaster, NH. 10am-2pm. Bring a lunch and join us for this workshop on Asparagus. Topics include – site preparation, weed control, asparagus production, insect pests, disease management, group discussion of varieties and a hands-on demonstration of equipment available from Coös Conservation District. Learn more here.

Sept 6. Seedless table grapes & fall strawberries tour. Durham, NH. 5-6pm. Interested in adding table grapes or fall strawberries to your operation? Come see our research vineyard and strawberry planting at their peak; taste varieties and ask questions. Learn more here.

December 12, 13 and 14. New England Vegetable & Fruit Conference, Manchester NH. Learn more as the schedule develops here, at the conference website.

See our UNH Extension Food & Agriculture Events Calendar for more events…

Other events listings that may be of interest:

NOFA-NH Full Calendar of Events


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